This humble capsule could save a life…

It could be someone you know, a stranger or even yourself.  Supplied with the pack of 3 capsules is a full unopened pack of 300 mg soluble aspirins, each of which could buy up to 60 minutes of time in the event of a heart attack. Be prepared should a heart attack strike you or someone in your presence!  

First symptoms of a possible heart attack – what to do

In the event of a heart attack (or when the first symptoms of a heart attack are evident), you should immediately Dial 111, then take the 300mg of soluble non-coated aspirin  and either chew it yourself, or place it under the tongue of the victim if you are witness to the person having the heart attack.

Note Avoid taking aspirin if there is a recent history of haemorrhage or bleeding ulcers. 

IMPORTANT: Check for the presence of a Medic-Alert bracelet before administering and follow the instructions shown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this capsule so successful in saving lives? Most heart attacks develop following the rupture of cholesterol-laden plaque in a coronary artery. This attracts platelets to the surface and these form clots which block the artery causing a heart attack. The aspirin works by inhibiting the platelets, thus giving time to get professional help.

 Why are the capsules being sold in 3s? When this project  was originally launched,, the capsules  were sold individually. It was brought to our attention that it was important for the aspirins to be provided as a full pack so that the batch number and expiry date were available to the end purchaser

How does it work? Heart specialists agree that chewing a 300mg aspirin at the first indication of a heart attack will significantly increase the chances of survival.  However, one of the most common problems that people face when a heart attack occurs is that they do not have access to an aspirin.  This handy capsule keyring means the potentially lifesaving aspirin is close at hand.

The rubber ring has come away from my capsule? On some occasions the small ‘O’ rubber ring can come away from the capsule, if this happens please contact us for a free replacement

Is it approved? Yes, the Savealife capsule concept has been vetted by leading New Zealand cardiologists.  All information provided on this website has been given in good faith, with their support.

Do I need to change the aspirin? It is advisable to replace the aspirin in accordance with the expiry date printed on the full, unopened pack of aspirin supplied

What do I get in my pack? 3 empty Savealife capsules in random colours*, a pack of 20 Aspirin for you to insert in the capsules and 3 sets of 2 information cards. Please ensure that each recipient of a capsule has a set of the cards which should be kept in the purse or wallet.

*If you’d like specific colours, please request them on the order form. Available colours are Blue, Pink, Green, Gold, Red, Purple and Black

Available at

  • East Street Pharmacy Ltd, 182 East St., Ashburton
  • Nelson Saving Bank, 324 East St., Ashburton


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