Watering Instructions

We have parked a trailer loaded with a 1000 litre tank of water on it beside the toilets and gums, the safety chain acts as a security deterrent by being threaded through the “Trojan Coupling Handle” passed under the underside of the drawbar tongue and locked to its self as close as can be achieved to where the chain welds onto the tow bar.

Undoing needs to be studied and absorbed carefully that you will put it back the same to make it secure. The combination lock number is 1042. A cunning plan would be to leave the lock in the same link of the chain. Don’t forget to wind up the jockey wheel prior to towing.   

A 7 metre hose, connected to the tank by a “snap bayonet connector” is coiled under the tank for use in watering the trees. Delivery from the tank to the trees is 6 litres per minute down the watering tubes and at the base of the trunks —  a flow that proved to be close to optimum for the capacity of the watering tubes.

We are recommending 2+ minutes per tree. However, because of a drier site we are instructing a 3 minutes wetting for the past world President’s Kauri.

It is an easy role and ride for the second person to sit on the front corner of the trailer and drop the hose into the tube. Watering will take about an hour.

The 19 trees staked with standards are the targeted intention of our watering curriculum.    (While ideally watering would be a two man job, using that length of hose allows one person to do it from the seat of their car.)

That same hose is then used at the end of the watering run to refill the tank from the tap beside the Barbeque at the Gazebo. This will take about another15 minutes. There is an open hole in the lid of the tank so refill can be achieved without climbing up on the trailer.

And finally, again strategically park the trailer adjacent to the toilets and gums locking up the security chain as previously configured please.

If you are good at following instruction this task will take you 90 minutes to complete.   

This too, is a chore the less agile of us are capable of doing.

This is loaned equipment so please take care of it,  please make sure of the security,  and please again,  take all sensible precautions to not come to harm as you couple and uncouple the trailer.  

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