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Committee Minutes List

Project Definitions

The role of the Community Service Committee is:

  • Community Welfare
    • Have projects to promote the welfare of the people in the community where there is an expressed community need, by providing assistance and support.
  • Community Development
    • Develop plans and projects related to improving the physical elements in
      the community e.g. housing, public facilities, schools, health facilities,
      recreational facilities.
  • Environmental Protection
    • Initiate projects with emphasis on the following concerns; soil conservation, clean air and water, recycling, clean-up camp- signs, protection of endangered species (animals and plants).
  • Sharing Projects
    • Be aware of community projects being undertaken by other service clubs, and the possibility of sharing in some projects, particularly larger projects.
  • Continuing Projects
    • Continue traditional projects such as Meals on Wheels
  • Community Awards
    • Recognise special efforts made by members of the community and nominate them for appropriate awards. Pride of Workmanship programme.
  • Rotary Service
    • Encourage and foster the application of the ideal of service by every Club member.
  • Special Observances
    • Recognise and plan activities for Community Service month (December).


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